About myself

A little bit about yourself. On this blog, I post my open-source projects and write articles (the latter is not often).

I come from a small mining town in the Lugansk region (Ukraine). Since 2008 I have been living and working in Kharkov.

Professional interests
I give presentations and participate in the organization of Kharkiv WordPress and ThinkPHP communities .

My reports:

How to get a black belt in WordPress
WordCamp Russia, Moscow, 2015. Video on wordpress.tv .
Website performance. Methodical analysis and depth of client optimization.
WebCamp, Odessa, 2014.
How not to go crazy when developing large projects at WordPress
WordCamp Russia, Moscow, 2014. Video on wordpress.tv .
Layout optimization for High-Density displays / Retina
ThinkPHP #7, Kharkiv, 2013.
Website adaptation for various displays / Responsive
ThinkPHP #7, Kharkiv, 2013.
Optimizing site performance
ThinkPHP #3, Kharkiv, 2012.
I support several Open Source projects .

But my main job and my hobby is the position of TechLead in one of the Kharkiv out-source companies.

Languages ​​in which I wrote something serious: PHP (SQL, HTML), JavaScript, C++.

Graduated from Kharkiv Polytechnic University (NTU “KhPI”, Department of ACS) with a degree in Software Engineering.
Before that, there was a Technical School of Radio Electronics with a degree in Programming in the city of Anthracite.
And, of course, a high school in my hometown.
Civil Interests
Sports (pool, snowboard)