JS & CSS Script Optimizer

February 2nd, 2011 |

CMS WordPress plugin which will help you make your Website more quick. It can grouping and packing Java Scripts and CSS. Makes fewer HTTP requests.




  • Grouping several scripts into single file (to minimize http requests count)
  • Combine several CSS files into single files (with grouping by “media”)
  • Pack scripts using Dean Edwards’s JavaScript Packer
  • Minify CSS files (remove comments, tabs, spaces, newlines)
  • Support conditional JS and CSS (html5.js, IE CSS, <!--[if lt IE 9]>)
  • Support JavaScript L10n (wp_localize_script)
  • Put JavaScript at bottom
  • Ability to include JavaScript and CSS files
  • Disable plugin when define('SCRIPT_DEBUG', true);
  • Ability to change cache directory from the plugin settings (default: wp-content/cache/scripts)
  • Network / WPMU support
Usage Recommendations:
  • This Plugin processing only those scripts that are included properly (using “wp_enqueue_script” or “wp_enqueue_style” function)
  • Cache directory /wp-content/cache/ should be writable
  • Read How to properly add CSS in WordPress
  • If any script fails and web-browser console shows errors you can add this JS to exclude list


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