jQuery.ulSlide plugin has been udated to 1.4.7

February 3rd, 2011 |

I have update jQuery.ulSlide plugin! Added ability to create carousel.

New Options

effect[‘type’] (string) (optional)
Effect Type. Possible values: ‘slide’, ‘fade’ or ‘carousel’. By default ‘slide’.

effect[‘axis’] (string) (optional)
Axis for Slide-effect. It can take values ‘x’ or ‘y’. By default ‘x’.

effect[‘showCount’] (string) (optional)
Use ‘showCount’ for carousel. Number. By default ‘x’.

effect[‘distance’] (integer) (optional)
The distance between frames in pixels for Slide-effect. By default ’20’.

statusbar (boolean) (optional)
Add class “usl-loading” during images loading. Recommend to customize. By default ‘true’.

lazyload (boolean) (optional)
Load images when slide is loads. By default ‘false’.

ajax (boolean) (optional)
Load content of frame via ajax. URL takes from the “pager”. By default ‘false’.

pager (selector) (optional)
Selector of the set of elements that would lead you to the appropriate slides. It lets you create something like Tabs.

onAnimateStart (function(settings, thisEl)) (optional)
Before frame changing.

More info about jQuery.ulSlide.

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